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 Christine A. Adams, M.A.


Christine A. Adams, M.A., has been writing about issues of spirituality, relationships, addiction, and education for over 30 years. She has over 2,000,000 separate books and pamphlets in print. Her Elf Help children's and adult books, first published with Abbey Press, in 1990, made her an internationally published author with 85 titles published in 28 countries translated into 27 languages. Last year, 13,000 books were distributed in China alone. The most popular of the children's books are Happy to Be Me and Learning To Be A Good Friend.  Chris is a former English teacher, who was also trained as an addiction counselor.  Most of her writing parallels her life experiences and spiritual journey. Her early writings were about the adult children of alcoholics, teen alcoholism, and sexual addiction. Then came books about spirituality, relationships, grief therapy, and education. One of her best-known recovery books is the Elf Help gift book, One Day At A Time Therapy which is still selling in places like Taiwan, Italy, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Sweden, Indonesia, South Korea, China, and the Philippines.  Other books include ABC's of Grief: A Handbook For Survivors,  Holy Relationships, Living In Love: Connecting To the Power of Love Within, and her 2018 book, Spirituality: A Life Force,  as well as her 2021  Seasons: Spiritual Meditations for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Her latest book, Gratitude A Spiritual Way of Life was just released in September of 2022 and Acceptance: A Spiritual Way of Life was released in February of 2023.


Visit her at www.christineaadams.com

MD Hanley


In 2017, Hanley Adams Publishing was established as an avenue to develop and present the many works of Christine A. Adams, as well as the two early techno-thrillers,  Bit By Bit and Carbon Copy, and his latest sci-fi adventure called Quantum Mind. While writing these books was a new challenge, it reaffirmed his love of a good story. His newest book, Quantum Mind, takes on the interesting complexities of Quantum Physics and science fiction. He just released a new book, Humility: A Spiritual Way of Life, in March of 2023.


With his background, skill, and interest in technology, MD Hanley has dedicated himself to the prolific production of his books as well as formatting, and publishing second editions and new works. Christine A. Adams. His expertise and knowledge of the many different ePub formats and the vast opportunities for book publication through Barnes and Noble, Lulu, Apple, Kobo, Ingram, Amazon's Kindle, and Draft to Digital.


Presently, he is involved in researching the market for new marketing possibilities through web exposure and the creation of interactive websites. Thank you for visiting this site we suggest: