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Seasons is a book of spiritual meditations adapted to the seasons. Winter is a dark, reflective time, spring is a time of transition, newness. Summer is a time of fulfilling relationship; and Fall is a time of abundance and fruition. Like nature, we go through spiritual seasons: times of grief, disconnection, fear, transition, growth, fulfillment, gratitude, acceptance and peace. In all seasons, we can reflect on the wonder of God's love, and as His children, find gratitude, acceptance, peace, and, finally, true happiness. God is the love in which we live out all our seasons of time.

Spirituality: A Life Force details a journey from the material world of the ego to the world of the spiritual. It shows how the new awareness of oneself as a child of God can produce profound change in your life. Relationships can change from being dominated by self-interest and ego, to relationships with spiritual purpose and function. Spiritual healing happens as spiritual solutions are sought. Spirituality: A Life Force opens up the possibility of a new view of life-a new view of yourself-living not as a child of this world, but, with the life force of spirituality, living as a child of God.

The ABC's of Grief: A Handbook for Survivors meets bereaved persons wherever they might be in the grieving process, providing snatches of meaning, hope, empathy, and understanding. This handbook is a product of the author's own grief experience. Confronting her loss, Christine Adams found that it was all right to grieve at her own pace: one day at a time, one thought, word, and letter at a time. The handbook's alphabetical format allows readers, or group leaders, to focus on any aspect of grief that suits them. If a reader becomes absorbed in "anger" or "anxiety," he or she can go back to reread those parts of the handbook and with each visit will find some new realization and meaning. Every section contains appropriate quotations, stories, and poems, written by survivors who found solace in writing. The information is useful at a time of grief, the encouragement by the author is soothing, and the poems and stories remind the reader that others have visited the same places in their grief process.

Living in Love is an inspirational book that shows how teachings about love in A course In Miracles and the Bible help the reader to understand that everyone is a child of God. It explains that this awareness helps us sustain an ongoing process of spiritual awakening. It shows how we can evolve to higher spiritual levels as we experience the power of God's Love within us. Living In Love offers gentle guidance through some of the ideas expressed in both the Bible and A Course In Miracles and helps us apply them to everyday life.



This updated Love, Infidelity and Sexual Addiction: With Cybersex Addiction, is an honest sharing of a trust betrayed. It chronicles the author's personal experiences with a sexually addicted spouse as well as stories of others in various stages of recovery from coaddiction. This book offers hope and healing to those who have suffered from repeated betrayal. It details a system of spiritual, emotional and behavioral self-help considerations including chapters defining Sexual Addiction, Coaddiction and Cybersex Addiction. Other chapters include: The Shame-based Family and The Spiritually Centered Family, Signs of Obsession, Compulsive Behavior, Finding Self, The Solution, A Healthy Relationship, Forgiveness.

Holy Relationships offers a whole new spiritual perspective for couples who are making or renewing a commitment to each other. It emphasizes the spiritual edge of intimacy and the importance of placing God at the center of the relationship. Basing her suggestions on Scripture, the author offers a variety of practices, guidelines, and purposes that promote a relationship with less tension and more freedom from fear of loss.

The source of the words of this book are both The Course In Miracles and The Holy Bible combined to help the reader better understand their own place in the spiritual world, and their relationship to God. Intrigued by the notion that we all are teachers, the author, an English teacher, studied these words for many years until she understood the truth and holy wisdom of the concept of A Teacher of God.